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Communication is how we make things happen. Or don't.

It's how we win. It's how we connect as humans. It's how we lead and follow. It's how we respond to the moment, embrace the tension and drive successful outcomes. It's intentional. It's strategic. Communication is how we show up.

What makes us different

We elevate your executive presence with agile communication™  and a learn & do approach.

Agile Communication is a proprietary communication training and coaching approach that blends awareness, versatile techniques, and personal presence methodology to drive more effective communication and business outcomes.

Awareness Building

Increase self-awareness and system awareness to better understand the communication opportunity.

Adaptive Technique

Adapt and hone your communication style to meet the moment with  clear and concise verbal, nonverbal, and virtual strategies and frameworks.

Personal Presence

Build personal presence with one-to-one coaching to help you show up ready every single time, and achieve your desired outcome.

Our Workshops

Level up your communication

Learn strategies to build more confidence, clearly present your ideas in meetings, and tell powerful stories to drive better results with our comprehensive courses.

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PitchCamp is an exhilarating group workshop packed with learning and practice that'll enhance how you show up with your full power and potential.
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1:1 Private Coaching

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Our Clients

We've worked with clients across industries, stages of business, and at every level of leadership to improve communication effectiveness.

Who we are

Meaghan and Phyllis are a dynamic duo ready to help you master your skills.

Studio Reinvent co-founders Meaghan Benjamin Kane & Phyllis Schaeffler Dealy have over 25 years of experience in communications, entrepreneurship, leadership and pitch consulting. They believe every person has the ability to be a master communicator and every interaction is an opportunity.

We could not have pulled off such a successful showcase without the support of the Studio Reinvent team. The customer was blown away by our storytelling and how strategically our deck flowed.

Veronica Yeung
Marketing Director, PepsiCo food service

Meaghan and Phyllis are a dynamic duo ready to help you master your skills. They helped us transform our pitch and ace the delivery, landing us a big contract with a partner.

Sophie Moore
Webflow Developer