Foundational Communication Workshops

These workshops deliver the foundational learning needed to master the Agile Communication® technique. 

Agile Communication is the seamless integration of awareness, adaptable techniques and personal presence that drives effective communication. This 4-hour, half-day workshop includes the science of communication, listening and responding strategies, and situational communication tactics and practice that allow participants to anticipate, pivot and respond regardless of the situation. Specifics related to enhancing virtual presence to create stronger connections as well as nuances between in-person and virtual interactions are covered.  This workshop is tailored to onboarding new employees and team members; emerging leaders, and teams navigating change, conflict, and collaboration.


Creating connections and having the audience say “tell me more” is the objective of most effective presentations. The question becomes how do we get people to stop, listen and engage? What is the key to creating those connections? This small group 4-hour interactive workshop provides a  framework and practical techniques to help each participant identify their style as well as potential challenges and growth areas. The goal is to build practices and strategies so that each presentation or pitch results in an audience connection that leads to a robust post presentation dialogue. Harnessing time, visual and vocal techniques to keep the presenter authentic and the audience engaged are a core part of this workshop. Nuances between virtual and in-person presentations will be covered. Participants will present live for 1-2 minutes throughout the workshop to get real-time practice and feedback. This workshop is often coupled with on-demand pitch and presentation coaching.


Successful selling is an ongoing process and is based on strong rapport, knowledge, flexibility and credibility. Opportunities for selling are both internal and external with the ultimate goals to influence outcomes, build deeper relationships, and communicate more effectively.  The Art of the Sell workshop is designed to harness and deploy Agile Communication skills in order to improve sales performance. The framework utilized in this workshop will provide the participant with tools to help them understand behavioral styles and associated communication styles; anticipate obstacles and think probabilistically in order to both prepare pre-meeting plans and pivot in the moment as necessary. Asking questions and resolving ambiguity through direct communication techniques will be explored.  PreRequisite for the Art of the Sell is Agile Communication 101 

Topical Communication Workshops

We offer expert, deep dive sessions that explore a wide variety of communication building  skills. 


During this 90-minute virtual session, the audience will learn how to both give and receive feedback using the ladder of inference and a 2-minute framework to allow for immediate, direct, neutral language, and tone to ensure an effective interaction. Participants will explore specific interactions that are challenging and address how to effectively communicate to achieve the overall desired outcome for each of these interactions. 


This small group 2-hour virtual workshop was developed specifically for people who experience anxiety around anticipation of speaking up in a meeting or giving a presentation, and it is holding them back. Our 3- step approach combines a physical and psychological reset so that each participant can harness their anxiety to create confidence and engage at their full potential. This workshop is limited to 6 people to ensure that each participant has an opportunity to do real-time practice throughout the session. We will explore nuances related to introversion vs extraversion and strategies for adapting and managing yourself and others. 


This small group 2-hour virtual workshop introduces participants to six awareness factors that increase both self awareness and system awareness so that we can make better decisions, lead teams and projects more effectively, and more clearly see and react to challenges and opportunities. The format will include awareness practices, exercises, and real life case studies that demonstrate the impact increased awareness can deliver both personally and professionally.  The session is limited to 6 people to ensure that each participant has ample opportunity to practice and share. 


Time is our most prized possession and although there are varying communication styles, everyone can benefit from giving the GIST in order to get the listener to say “tell me more”.  This 90-minute virtual workshop is tailored to emerging leaders who are working on their ability to take complex information and provide 90 second insights or GIST using language and two mental models to “paint the picture” ensuring they engage the listener prior to doing a deep dive. The format will be in both presenting and in answering questions to practice short, highlevel, meaningful responses. Each participant is asked to bring 3-4 current projects/topics to this session. The session is limited to 6 people to ensure that each participant has ample opportunity to practice.


This 90-minute virtual session will help the audience to develop understanding of the intermittent disturbance hypothesis; how controlled dysfluency works, why it is beneficial and how to create this dysfluency through taking the opposing view, developing mental models based on the previous framework and utilizing questions and facts/assumptions to prepare for a range of interactions. 


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