Join us for Pitch Camp!

When: December 6th, 2022, from 9am - 4pm
Where: Chicago
Registration Deadline: November 22, 2022


Pitch Camp is a 1-day small group training session that will transform how you show up when you pitch or present your business, product, or idea.

With the right mindset, mastering the art of the pitch is possible for everyone. Pitch Camp ensures that you and your team have the skills, confidence, and practice to pitch, connect with, and influence your audience to drive business outcomes.  

This is an exciting, action-packed day of learning and doing that will unlock your ability to show up with your full power and potential. Getting there will take work - Pitch Camp is not for the faint of heart! Get ready to embrace the challenge. 


Pitch Camp Curriculum:

  1. Tuning In — Grounding yourself, getting into the mindset and increasing  awareness of yourself, your environment and your audience so that you can connect more effectively.
  2. Agile delivery techniques — practical, tangible strategies and presentation skills that will elevate your ability to successfully pitch and influence in both small meetings and larger presentations.
  3. Personal Presence — What does that mean for you? Develop and hone your personal style to confidently present and pitch with more charisma, credibility and connection. 
  4. Practice  Throughout the day, each participant will get up to pitch and apply delivery techniques learned in the workshop and will receive constructive feedback. These 60-90-120 second delivery exercises will help you build skills and confidence in an environment that will both support and challenge you. 


What to Expect:

This full day, small group workshop combines learning with practice. Everyone who attends can expect to present multiple times across various pitch exercises throughout the day. There is nothing to prepare in advance except to show up excited and ready to learn. Your instructors will guide and support you through every step of the process which you will find both challenging and fun! Lunch and post class cocktails are included.



Pitch Camp will be lead by Studio Reinvent co-founders, Meaghan Kane Benjamin and Phyllis Schaeffler Dealy, who each have over 25 years of experience in communications and pitch consulting.

    Meaghan Kane Benjamin

      Phyllis Schaeffler Dealy



$750 USD/person

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